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omg fidget cube

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OMG Fidget Features 

  • Roll & Click: Three pack of tactical gears, plus a ball that audibly clicks.
  • Breathe/Soothing Stone: Modeled after worry stones for rubbing to help relieve anxiety.

  • Press/Click: Side with 3 buttons that depress to click audibly and 2 that push silently!
  • Spin:  Rotating dial!
  • Switch: A classic switch with an awesome click to it!
  • Toggle: A joystick that coasts uniformly in all directions

Ever had stage fright, or that feeling of butterflies before a presentation? Maybe a nervous habit? Pen clicks, nail bites, excessive tapping no more! This Fidget cube is the hottest new toy for people who fidget! Forget about clicking your pen or biting your nails. This toy will solve all your fidgety habits at your finger tips!

Perfect for class, work, and home while reading a book!


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